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About us

Established for 13 solid years specialising in Document presentation as the Distributor for global document presentation solution manufacturer Unibind, in 2018 we have launched our new brand Recycle Pack. Why. Looking after our planet is essential to our long term sustainability. By doing our little bit in business and offering a filling, cushioning, blocking and bracing packaging material made from 100% recycled cardboard, converted and then back into recycling was the ultimate in sustainability and conserving our precious world.

Reuse scrap cardboard & save environment - Recycle Pack
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Packaging has changed over the years and we’ve moved with the time.

We offer the most recycled and cost effective solutions to help with your packaging needs

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Building a business takes guts and vision.

Helping our customers succeed is something we take personally.

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We’re experienced and passionate.

We are real people who love talking to our customers. We employ a team of professional and knowledgeable experts who have your specific needs in mind.

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But it’s not just about experience.

Combining our expertise with the latest industry thinking leads to mind‑blowing results.

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Recycle, Wrap, Pack.

In this generic world, stand up and insist on conserving our precious world.

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