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Introducing Recycle Pack

A revolutionary system which converts scrap cardboard into filler packaging material. Finance plans available!

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    Our Systems

    Are designed to accommodate your needs

    Kobra Flexpack

    Kobra Flexpack will able to service the needs of most small to medium warehouses.

    Kobra Flexpack Desktop

    Kobra Flexpack desktop is the ideal ecological and economical solution when it comes to packaging material.

    Recycle Icon - Recycle Pack

    Ask yourself these questions

    Do you buy filler packaging material to send items in your business?
    Are you interested in saving money on filler packaging material?
    If you could help the environment and save money at the same time, would you?
    If you answered yes to these questions, we have the perfect solution for your filler packing material in your business.

    Introducing Recycle Pack, a revolutionary system which converts scrap cardboard into filler packaging material.

    Cardboard converter features - Recycle Pack
    Converts cardboard up to 42cm wide.
    Forward and Reverse Functions with auto stop.
    Sturdy Cabinet.
    Smart design means no need to trim cardboard prior to entering the system.
    On wheels for easy manoeuvring.
    Process Icon - Recycle Pack

    The process

    How filler packaging is made and how can it be applied?

    Convert scrap cardboard into filler packaging material - Recycle Pack

    Used cardboard boxes, no consumables required!

    Cardboard Recycling - Recycle Pack

    Recycle Pack machine creates filler packaging

    Wine process - Recycle Pack

    Thousands of useful applications

    Computer Process - Recycle Pack

    Recycle, Wrap, Pack!

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